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Press Releases 09.02.2023
SEGULA Technologies and C2A Security partner to improve cybersecurity in the automotive chain

• Global engineering group SEGULA Technologies and Israeli startup C2A Security, a DevSecOps Platform vendor that addresses the specific needs of car makers and mobility companies, have announced the signing of a partnership.
• With this alliance, both companies will offer their customers – car, bus and truck manufacturers, OEMs and suppliers – a full range of cybersecurity solutions adapted to the challenges of an automotive industry in full transition.

Paris, 9 February, 2023 – The rise of connected cars, a market that is expected to exceed 166 billion dollars by 2025, has forced manufacturers to quickly tackle a new challenge: balancing between consumers’ demand for rich, in-vehicle experiences to the deployment speed of new software products and features. Electronic components, embedded software and the constant addition of connections have also made vehicles more vulnerable to cyber threat and transformed all stages of the traditional automotive production chain. Design, industrialization and life cycle are now subject to increasingly strict standards and regulatory requirements in terms of security, to which manufacturers must comply, especially with the UN R155 – ISO/SAE21434, applicable since July 2022.


SEGULA Technologies, a world leader in automotive engineering, and C2A Security, a world-renowned expert in automotive cybersecurity, have decided to combine their strengths to offer car makers and mobility companies in this highly competitive market a new range of cybersecurity services, allowing them to test their vehicles’ resistance to cyber threats and to meet new automotive security regulations and standards like the WP.29 or the ISO/SAE 21434.

The new partners will deploy a strategic business line across SEGULA’s 30 countries of operation, incorporating a full range of cyber risk assessment and remediation analysis solutions in order to easily ensure compliance to the new cybersecurity regulations, designed to support all stages of development of the automotive chain and covering all the segments of the sector, from the vehicle to the charging station.


Emmanuel Ifrah, SEGULA Israel Director: “Cybersecurity expertise, once confidential, is now the cornerstone of an entire sector, dependent on its ability to anticipate, innovate and systematise increasingly complex series of tests. In this field, we have identified at C2A Security a capacity to respond with rigor and agility to the most demanding requests of all the players in the automotive sector, whether they are manufacturers, equipment suppliers or suppliers. Their integrable tools, offered in the form of central platforms, as well as the reactivity of their Research & Development, are essential assets that we are very happy to make available to our customers.”


Roy Fridman, C2A Security CEO: “Security is usually perceived as a limiting factor in an organization, an obstacle to agile development and delivery. Our automotive-grade DevSecOps Platform shifts that paradigm, making security a business value multiplier, fostering on-going collaboration between product, security, and development teams. Our partnership with SEGULA is a key step in our vision – their knowledge of the market and close links with the automotive world will open-up new opportunities. Together we will contribute to ensuring the cyber security of their clients’ products in a rational and competitive way.”


Roy Fridman will be speaking at the upcoming OurCrowd Global Investor Summit in Jerusalem, Israel, on February 15.


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